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    Test 200 and Clen

    Does test 200 and Clen make a good cycle? I have heard of taking clen with deca but I do not know about test. Please advise.

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    Test 200 isn't usually the choice of most people cutting but you can use it. Clen isn't a steroid so you can take it with anything as long as you are trying to cut (or in some cases avoid going catabolic). What are your goals for this cycle? What are your stats?

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    I've used t-200 in a cutting cycle and I got decent results but I knew from the beginning I was gonna bloat slightly. So I didn't judge my results till a few weeks after. IMO don't used Deca cause with out test you might have problems with your sex drive. Besides Deca bloats you considerably also. You might wanna look at Eq. I feel it is a very good cutter. But like Rick said what are your stats goals and cycle experiences if any?

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