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    prop/fina cylcle??

    I'm about to start a prop fina cycle. I'm going to run the fina at
    a 100mgs a day for eight weeks, and the prop at 50mgs a day
    for eight weeks. My question is should I bump the prop up to a
    100mgs a day, or should 50mgs a day give me good gains.

    23yrs old 5'9" 195lbs 12% bf


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    I think 8 weeks is good with the fina.

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    Dizzles right. 8weeks will set ya straight and w/ a good diet youll see gains in every week. Actually, even w/ a shitty diet too.

    100mg of PropED (Im 190ish) put on too much water and seemed to raise my blood pressure too much. I switch it up ED anywhere from 60-80mg, depending on if Im gonna have time to go twice to the gym or not at all. 50mg didnt do anything for me, a waste of gear IMO.

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