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    Post Cycle BF increase?

    I was wondering if it is common to see an increase in bf after a cycle? My cycle consisted of Deca and winny. During the cycle i looked really hard but after I seem to have gained some fat a little to easily!!! Could this be connected to the cycle??

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    Has you're diet changed/stayed the same as when on cycle? Has your calories stayed the same, and your activity dropped? Think about all these thiNgs...

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    Are you not training as hard now that you are not on gear, or has your diet started to lack?? It could be all visual since you are not on winny anymore which has a hardening looking effect on the muscles making you look more cut. BTW, delete one of your treads on this.


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    Also it is important to begin recovery right away - get your body producing leutinizing horomone and subsiquently, testosterone - which then lowers estrogen and cortisol (both of which will lower lean body mass and increase body fat). What are you using to recover your endogenous androgen levels?

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