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    Can you grow naturally after your 1st cycle?

    May be a dumb question, but nothing came up on my search.

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    yes this a dumb question OMG!@$#!@# nah playing you can but after you do more and more cycles, it because increasingly hard to gain naturally. I have personally noticed.

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    It will take a little more time because you will need to wait for your natural test to bump up to what it was from being suppressed. This can take weeks to many months for some people. Clomid therapy helps, some people like to extend clomid for over a month to get back to normal.

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    It really depends on were you are at. If you are already 10 pounds over your natural potential - then it will basically be a battle to keep your extra gains... this is when bridging and such starts getting used.

    Professional bodybuilders would never keep up if they were ever truly come "off" for a few weeks here and there. Once you go past that natural limit - it gets difficult to keep the gains when you go back to your natural androgen levels, let alone make any.

    If you still have plenty of natural growth left in you, then of course you can still grow naturally after. But don't confuse the issue, if you stop gaining or start losing - check your diet, trianing split and recovery techniques before assuming you have to start bridging cycles to keep improving... you are at a new body weight - which requires knowledge to progress at that new weight...

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