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    I had a friend come to see me from michigan and went thru canada to get to albany, N.Y. She left the USA thru detriot without a hitch. When entering back in to NY, she used the Q.E.W.(queen Elizabeth west). They made her pull into one of the lines, asked her to pop the trunk, looked thru her MESS, asked a few simple questions and that was it. Assuming that this can be related to the obvious, having a messy car and a very secure hide-away-compartment, you could easily make ur way thru with a shit load of 'shit'!! I, myself dont know where to start to look for 'shit' in the country of canade but I figured i would pass this info onto you guys and maybee it would help a few of u not get caught. I know its NOT MEXICO, but hey, ya never know! BIG-G

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    They definetely don't search cars as much at the us/canada border than the us/mexico boarder. I would guess maybe 1 out of 50 on a busy day. I used to drive up to vancouver almost every month for over a year, and only once got searched because I was the only asian in the car and they thought I wasn't an american citizen. Other than that, it's pretty safe.

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