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    Cycle Questions - please help bros

    Ok before I start, please dont ask me why ive chosen the cycle ive chosen, I have very specific needs and goals for this cycle that most of you prolly wont understand

    Heres wut im looking at right now (btw the weeks I end with like 1-10 means I also run it through week 10, not end at week 10):

    IGF-1: 80 mcg/ed - weeks 1-4, weeks 9-12

    Anavar : 75 mg/ed - weeks 1-4 \ 40 mg/ed - weeks 5-12

    Insulin : 9 iu/eod - weeks 1-12

    Clomid: 500 mg/ed - weeks 1-12 \ 250 mg/ed - weeks 13-14

    Yohimbine HCL: 16 mg/ed - weeks 1-14

    Also will be using ALA and some liver detox products during the entire cycle (god bless the liver). Also will be using micronized creatine as well as the usual hemp oil, multi vitamines, protein powders, etc. Also gonna throw in a tri-amino acid combo 1,500 mg each of Orginine, Arthine and Lysine (spelling was prolly wrong on those, sorry) twice a day.

    Now to my questions, can anyone give me a halflife time of IGF-1 injections?

    Should i divide the IGF-1 into 40 mcg dosages twice a day or take it all at once? Btw I know to take slin (or spike natural slin lvls) with it to increase its half-life.

    Theres two things in my brand of Anavar, one I forget the name but its used to combat Anavars loss of appetite, and the other is (spellling) L-Carnithine (or something similar to that), that raises ammonia lvls in the blood, wpould a 75 mg/ed dosage of this cause problems?? I beleive the Carnithine stuffs at 5 mg's per 2.5 mg OX tablet.

    Is it possible for clomid to up natural test lvls high enough to cause a premature closure of the eph growth plates? (I hope not)

    Any answers would be appreicated, btw dont tell me to add test or something into the cycle, for that would defeat the entire purpose of this cycle (avoiding premature growth plate closure).
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