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Thread: True stories

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    True stories

    Hey everyone i have a question about something easy. I know that you should not drink at while on ur cycle. My simple question is for anyone that parties. I wanna know if u have drank while on the stuff or have u dont any other drugs while on it. Please dont flame on this im dead serious. I really wanna know what can happen and did happen to anyone so i know what im looking at. I do still like going to clubs every now and then since i am single.

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    Yes I have drank while on gear, it didn't do much to me but make me feel like crap the next few days and put me back a few days on were my body was going. We say not to drink on gear because it will tax the liver a little extra which you don't need, and if you are running AS your main concern should be getting the most out of the cycle, not half-assing working out and using AS to make up for a partying lifestyle. The worst for me was New Years I drank heavily on Dbol and I could actually feel my liver or something hurting like a bitch that night and the next day.


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    I drink the occasional beer with pizza, do a shot with friends at the clubs and smoke pot every now and again whether I am on AS or not. I don't get drunk or totally baked though but that's because I'm not in a party stage in my life right now.

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