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Thread: nolva question

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    nolva question

    My buddy is running his first cycle, 500mg test enth (ICN's) 10weeks
    He has no anti e's so I told him it was always a good idea to have them on hand. Hes never done a cycle before so there is no way of knowing if hes prone to gyno or not. I told him Id get him some nolva the thing is how much do you think he should have on hand in case of gyno?

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    He should keep enough around so that he can do 20mg every day of his cycle + 2 weeks. PLus he should also have an additional 10 tabs or so to combat the gyno with higher doseage should it appear.'

    So if it's a 8 week cycle, buy enough nolva to last 10weeks @ 20mg ED plus 10 tabs or so.. SO, for an 8 week cycle, I reccomend he keeps 80tabs on hand.

    You'd probably get by with 40 as long as your source can get you more nolvadex fairly quickly.

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