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    cycle and eq questions

    hey guys, I am starting my third cycle in June. It consists of 10 weeks of Test Prop, 6 weeks of Fina and 6 weeks of Winstrol . I was thinking of adding 10 weeks of EQ into the mix. Would this be beneficial and worth the money? Thanks.

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    Hey bro, . I wouldnt recommend adding the EQ unless ur going to run Enant with it. Or if ur willing to run the prop 10 weeks with the EQ? U could run something like this...

    weeks 1 - 8 100mgs prop ed or 150mgs eod
    weeks 1 - 8 1cc fina ed or eod
    weeks 2 - 8 50mgs winny ed

    or if u wanna add the EQ then something like this...

    weeks 1 - 5 100mgs prop (to kick start cycle)
    weeks 1 - 12 400mgs eq
    weeks 1 - 12 500mgs enant
    weeks 6 - 14 1cc fina ed or eod

    Both are good cycles IMHO. Its just up to u weather u wanna spend the extra $$. But IMHO sometimes more isnt better. Ohh and u wanna run the fina 8 weeks instead of 6. Reason being fina could take anywhere from 2 - 5 weeks to hit ur system at peak even levels. So 8 weeks is the shortest i recommend running fina.Good luck!


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