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    New To The Game - Need Info

    Been on winny for 3 weeks now. 1 amp every other day. Three more weeks left. What should I expect? Will I have issues with natural testostorone levels? SHould I try to score some clen ? I'm tryin to research and learn, I just figured this trial run would give some indication on whether or not this is for me. I welcome any and all responses to gain some insight on what to do... going on... coming off. I'm interested in cutting up. Need knowledge. FEED ME!

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    a winny only first cycle is waste imo bro...i have never run winny without 2 or 3 other drugs stacked with it...most others will agree that you will see the benefits of it if you stacked it at the end of a cycle. maybe it will tighten you up some, but for 6 weeks i would run it at 50mg/ED as opposed to EOD. without anything else you may not see any great results until the last week or so, and even then it will all be due to the loss of water. best of luck bro.

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    since you're new to this board im going to give you some advice instead of probablly should do more research before you get into things like anabolic steroids ....and most of your questions can be answer by the search button

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    Welcome to AR Bro.

    It's kind of late to be asking now, winny only for a first is not a good choice. What's the clen for?


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