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Thread: 1st cycle

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    1st cycle

    hey im going to be starting my first cycle in about a month or so and i have read alot threads about information so far. Im 23 years old and My stats are 5'9 180 pounds about 9 percent body fat and i have been lifting for about 6 years. I am looking to add about 20-25 pounds and get a little more defined too. My current cycle i have thrown together looks like this........

    Dbol - wk1-4 35/mg a day
    Test Depot wk1-8 500mg/wk

    i will have clomids for end of cycle and nolvadex on hand in case of gyno symptoms. I was wondering if anyone here could go through my cycle and tell me what you think? Anything i should add to my cycle or replace my cycle with?

    Thanks for your help

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    Looks like a pretty simple/straight forward cycle. Think about adding something like deca /eq into the cycle, it can only help you reach your 25 pound goal. GoOd luck

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    You could lower the d-bol to 20-25mg, but I think you'd be better of dropping the d-bol and doing the test only. Go 10 weeks. If your on top of your diet you'll make good gains. I'm glad to see you didn't try and stack a few drugs, on your first cycle.


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    Whats wrong with stacking?I think its highly recommended.
    I think a good 1rst cycle for you would be something like this...
    weeks 1-4 30mgs d-bol ED
    weeks 1-10 test enanthate 400mgs
    weeks 1-10 EQ 400mgs
    weeks 12-14 clomid therapy
    day 1 200mgs... day2 150mgs... day 3 100 mgs...then 50mgs through the next 11 days.

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    Test/dbol is an oldie but a goody. I wouldn't change anything except to run the test to week ten.

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