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    changing test in the middle of cycle

    hey bros whats up? ook here is what i want to do. i would like to run a long cycle of about 20 weeks. my plans are to run d bol/enanthate / deca . my question is, , should i run this? i mean would this be a good idea or should i switch up the compounds like dbol /enanthate/deca for 10 weeks and that switch to dbol/sustanon /deca the last 10 weeks?
    i think it would look like this.
    1-4 dbol 30mg ed
    1-10 enanthate 500mg a week
    1-20 deca 400mg week
    10-20 sus at 250mg eod
    10-13 dbol 30mg ed
    nolva throughout
    clomid 300/100/50 with a 10 mg d bol bridge

    i guess you could say that i am running 2 cycles back to back. i know that gains stop around weeks 7 and 8 so i was thinking that if i switch it up that i can keep on gaining. does this make sence to you what i am tryin to do here? should i just stay with one compount like sustanon or eananthat and run it through the entire 20 weeks, or change it up? help me out guys and please put me in the right direction. my stats are 5 10. 195, about 11 or 12 % bf. this would be my third cycle. first was just enanthate just for a expeiment and the secondwas sus at 500mg a week and 400mg of eq a week. i know it seems like a lot of gear, but i can always lower the dose if i need to, please just help me out. thanks guys.

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    That is a long cycle, but switching from Test Enth to Sust won't make much of a difference if any.


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    ok, this cycle has a few issues. if you are serious about this, i would run:

    1-4 35 mg Dbol ED
    1-10 Test Enth 600 mg EW
    1-20 EQ 400 mg EW
    11-20 Sustanon 600 mg EW (eod injects)
    18-23 Fina 75 mg ED
    21-23 Test Prop. 50 mgs ED
    1-20 liquidex .5 mg ED

    run milk thistle as well with this, and stay hydrated!!

    clomid 300/100/50 two days after last fina/prop shot.

    nolva and bromo on hand.

    good luck bro.

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