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    scoreless in cancun

    just had a friend go to cancun for spring break and he was shut out, i told him to take bus to walmart, which he did, but they wouldnt give him anything without a script. he argued for 20mins and it was a no go
    then he went to more of a seedey place and some locals told him the cops would take the stuff when he left the store, some of the stores have agreements with the cops, with spring break cops were everywhere. why can i by an 8ball of coke easier then deca lol
    anyone have advise about cancun maybe its time for me to go myself,
    take wife on cruise

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    Pharms aren't that good, you have to look for vets. pm me if you want more info, I'm going there next week.

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    It was easy for us we just went around the pharms asking question and boom we got hooked up. Pretend you know a little mexican and know the mexican names of the shit they carry and you'll be fine.Or just hit the former golds gym there and inquire with some of the big mexicans working out thats all we did.

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    hit the vetenarian pharmacias

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    i went to cancun on spring break last week and i went to QV and brought back some goodies.....................all went well

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    i know a good place in cozumel. pm me if u wanna know where it is

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    went to cancun last year, scored some success, try bribing some of the cabies, for a few extra dollars they will be more than happy to help, tell them what you want and flash some cash at them, its also less likely the will take you to a risky place. also try going closer to town, were there are a variety of farmacias, and vet houses, use common sense there though, remeber in mexico, money talks bullshit walks. stay away from the main resort strip

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    bro, i have no idea why your friend was unsuccessfel at walmart. i just got back from spring break last week and had a great trip. i wrote a list of things i wanted to the woman at the pharmacy @ wally world. adderal, deca , sust, winnie, valium, vicodin, codeine... yeah of course i was going to throw some other goodies besides juice in there she went down the list shaking her head and saying "prescribo." but then she hands back the list and everything's scratched out except for the juice. two seconds later she's handing me a box of deca and a box of sust250 redi-jects. 120 pesos for deca, 100 for sust. well i bought 20 sust and had no problem getting them back to the states. good luck with the pharmacies around the strip down there, talk about some scheisty bastards.

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    Is there any way to take it in the plane? Or is it just driving?

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    I had no problem last year at spring break. Bought juice at the farmacia right across from my hotel.

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