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    Your cycle. Your gains. How much kept.

    Let's get a quick list of your most recent COMPLETED cycles (not necessarily your best) and the outcome. I see people asking about how much do people gain on each cycle. IT VARRIES FROM PERSON TO PERSON, depending on many factors. It would be nice to get an EASY TO READ list in one place of QUICK, down and dirty facts about people's cycles.

    When you respond, please answer all 3 questions:
    --What was your cycle (include steroid name, dose, length of cycle)
    --How much weight did you gain by the end of the cycle.
    --How much did you keep after 3-4 months.

    I guess I'll start:

    Cycle: 250mg Testosterone Cypionate per week, 12 weeks

    Gain (at end of cycle): 15 lbs

    Gain (4 months after cycle): lost 5lbs, kept 10 lbs from cycle.
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    Cycle: 500mgs Sustanon a week for 8wks

    Gained: (end): 18lbs

    Lost: 5lbs
    Kept: 13lbs

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    bigasbrock Guest
    1-11 Deca 400mg/wk
    1-12 Test Enan 500mg/wk

    Gained 25
    Kept 20 (1.5 months out)

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    i want to contribute here but my current cycle is an extremely long one, and listing all the aas and dosages would take up too much room. so, with that in mind, i'm going to back up one cycle and give you the one before wasnt the best one, or the one i gained most on, but it was solid.

    anadrol 100mg ed weeks 1-5
    anavar 40mg ed weeks 6-15
    test enanthate 800mg/week weeks 1-12
    eq 600mg/week week 1-10
    prop 100mg eod weeks 12-15

    total gain 26 lbs.........2 months post cycle i was still up 21.
    i stayed off a total of 8 weeks and started this long run i'm on now.

    peace bb79

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    sus 250 every 5th day x 10 weeks
    300 EQ week x 11 weeks

    gained 20 lbs 240 lbs
    kept 20 two months out
    post was nova 10mg X 25 days starting 2 weeks after last EQ

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