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    Help Im Very Virgin!

    I have obtained some Deca and Test and plan on stacking them, I have 2-10ml bottles of Deca (300mg per-cc)and 1 bottle of test 10ml (200mg per-cc)This will be my first run at this and I need some cycle advice.
    Can I mix both into one injection? This is all I have to work with!

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    bro sell one of the decas and buy another it like this..Madmax...

    d-bol 30mg ed (1-4)
    test 400mg (1-10)
    deca 300mg (1-10)
    clomid post cycle

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    I agree with Max. Yes you can mix them in the same syringe..

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    I agree as well- madmax layed out a good cycle for you.

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    I agree with selling the deca and buying more test.

    How old are you? what are your stats?


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    Thanks to all that replied!!


    Im 5'9" 185 LBS 34 years old been working out very hard for the past 8 months... Cardio (2miles) and 1 hour workouts almost every day and dieting at the same time (2000cals a day or below)I have been keeping my protein level very high I have not lost any musscle (nor any gains) Im down 65 lbs of fat and look fit BUT.. At this point I dont want to get huge but I would like to gain an few inchs all around (except for my waist) At this point I cannot swap what I have "in stock" what is the best cycle for what I have? Whats the problem with the DECA ? Do I need the clomid? What happens if I dont use it?

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    To answer your original ? since you are limited to what you have...yes you can mix the two.
    I usually do a cycle and double the amount of test to deca or EQ ratio...if i am taking 400 mg deca, I take 800mg Test.
    But we will work wicha here.
    Week one
    1/2 cc Test 1.5 cc deca
    Week 2
    1 cc test 2.0 cc's deca
    week 3
    1.5 cc's test 3.0 cc's deca
    week 4
    2 ccs test 4 cc's deca
    week 5
    2 cc's test 4 cc's deca
    Week 6
    1.5 cc test 2.5 cc's deca
    Week 7
    1 cc test 2 cc's deca
    Week 8
    1/2 cc test 1.0 cc deca

    another otion is to use only 1 bottle of deca and dose it the same as the 10 cc's of test.

    Clomid 150 mg a day for 5 days, then 100mg for 3 and 50 mg for 3.

    You must have me if you want a leagal research contact.

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