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    New Members, New Cycle

    Hey Guys frist off nice to be here. Secondly my bio is simple, im 25 and have been training since i was 14. i have four cycles under my belt, and have used AS for 3 years. My stats are 6'1 235lbs, 13%bf. This is my new cycle just wanted to see what you guys thought about it, i want to gain about 10-15 lbs. of good muscle in the end.

    Week 1-8 Primoteston (enanthate )500mg
    week 1-8 Cypionate 200mg (throwing this in b.c i have it laying around)
    week 1-6 Dbol 30mg ed
    week 1-8 provion 50mg ed
    week 1-8 winstrol 50mg eod
    Follow with Clomid and HCG therapy

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    id get some deca or eq and put that in there, id also extend it to 12 weeks if its your 5th cycle...and id choose either cyp or enathate, not both, and raise it to 750mg per the d-bol for the first 5 weeks at 40mg...with 8 weeks you shouldnt need hcg , but at 12 weeks i would add it in....Madmax..

    test 750mg (1-12)
    eq 500mg (1-12)
    d-bol 40mg (1-5)
    proviron 50mg ed (1-15)
    winny 50mg ed (10-15)

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    Go 10 weeks with test and proviron , Save the rest for another cycle. Go 400-500mg a week. Keep it simple, start stacking after you know how your body is going to react to AAS.


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    madmax, i cant get eq. because it is simply at of this world on price from my guys. i like what u did other wise, but why shouldnt i run enanthate and cyp. at the same time?

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    running the ENAN and CYP together is no prob... basically the same compound,, I am doing that same exact thing right now... finishing up a bottle of CYP I had before I start my ENAN. just run the CYP at 750mg until its gone and start on the ENAN.

    What concerns me MOST about your cycle is the 17AA's.
    IMO NEVER run D-bol and winny together... if you do you risk serious liver damage, so pick one,,
    OR run the D-bol weeks 1-4 and the winny wks 8-12...

    If you run that cycle as-is, your liver will be glowing in the dark bro!!

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