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Thread: q vet deca300

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    q vet deca300

    does anybody know if there are any fakes of qv 300 ?
    i was going to get 10 bottels of qv 300 but some friend told me that most or all the qv deca 300 is fake right now ,is my friend talking out of his ass or is this true and if it is true what do i look for if it is fake .
    i had bought qv before and the hologram was inverted and the corners was square was that shit fake or what did anybody see deca like that before and if so what to make of it?
    if anybody has clear pics of deca 300 qv please post thanks!!

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    i haven't seen any fakes yet

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    i have never seen fakes. there are pics on qv's site- also do a search in the pictures forum.

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