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    Question How much nolva / arimidex for this cycle

    Here is the cycle I plan on starting in a couple of months:

    week 1-4 (or 5) Dbols @ 30mg/day
    week 1-10 Sust250 @250mg 2X a week
    Clomid therapy three weeks after last sust250 shot ran as follows:

    Day 1 - 300mg
    Day 2-11 - 100mg/day
    Day 12-21 - 50mg/day

    I'm wondering if I should take nolvadex or arimidex from the beginning or just wait for symptons of bloating or gyno to show up, have it on hand, and go from there?

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    You should shoot the Sust 3x a week to utilize the prop effeciently.

    Clomid looks good.

    If your worried about bloating, go with A-dex at .5mg a day.

    If you don't want to pony up the dough for the A-dex, then swallow 20mg of Nolva day.

    Either one of those should keep estrogen under controll. If you go with A-dex, get the Nolva to. A-dex is not as effective in some for preventing conversion as others and the nolva will be your back up in that case.

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