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Thread: Diet Question

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    Diet Question

    Hey guys, I will start my 2nd cycle soon and wanted to get my diet straight. I will be doin some test and maybe some Tren . I'm almost 30 and tend to gain fat quite easily. My question is do you think that John Berardis massive eating plan (where he basically doesn't mix fat and carbs in the same meal) would be a good diet to gain some clean bulk? I've read in the Training/Nutrition forum that some think it's not a good choice. I just can't figure out why. Any help out there?

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    When bulking and you are above your daily calorie intake I think their could be a benefit to splitting the carbs and fat. Your carbs will spike insulin and therefor help shuttle fat into fat cells since you will be in excess cal (energy state) My next bulking plan I am going to try it. I have tried it while cutting and found it not to yeild anybetter results. I am sure the guru on this method SwoleCat will be ringing in sometime soon.


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