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    Euro Pharm eq and Karachi sust

    Just got my Euro Pharm EQ200 today. Plan on taking 400mg of it wkly along with 750mg of Karachi Sust wkly. Kickstarting it with BD Anadrol weeks 1-5. How does this sound. Hope I got a good batch of his EQ, first time runnin it. Anyone run anything similar???

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    stats/cycle experience/goals?

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    1-4 Anadrol
    1-12 750 Sus 250
    1-12 400mg EQ

    Depending on how many cycles you have done. If this is your first I would drop the Sus along w/ anadrol and run Test enathate.

    Please list your stats and cycle experience.
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    This will be my third cycle. Stats are : 6'2 230lbs, prob about 20% bf (needs to drop I know). Cleaning diet now and will start when I hit about 220-225lbs. Why run the eq and sust for 12wks instead of ten? What will two weeks do for me? Goals are to be at about 250lbs solid though. Then will do a EQ only or winstrol and clen cycle.

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    those extra two weeks will help out alot. eq does'nt really hit until about the 5th or 6th week. jyzza lined out a nice cycle for you.

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