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    damn, gotta change my cycle again

    My source is taking way too long to get me my dbol . I originaly planned on taking dbol, sust, and deca , but I have been waiting for the dbol for over a month. I dont think its comming anytime soon and I have to start my cycle soon, I cant wait more than another week. I was thinking about boosting my sust from 500mg a week to 750 mg a week. I know this isn't going to give me dbol results but will this give me muscle faster and more of it? I am a little worried because this is only my third cycle. I did one when I was younger but that was years ago, so I guess technically this is my second cycle. Is this too much sust for me to take? I am 6'4" and 205lbs.

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    I have decided to run my Sus for this cycle 750 ew rather than 500 also. You will start to feel the prop in the Sus maybe after one week , but I think it is more psychologial than anything since prop is usually ran 100mg ed or eod. But you will feel the Sus's full effect after 4 wks.

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