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    stoping mid cycle, also bruising around injectoin spot

    im using eq at 400mgs per week for 10 weeks. i had to buy another bottle and there were shipping problems so i wont get it for like 2-3 weeks. how much of a diff will it take if im at like week 6 now and i have to take like a 2 week time out. and then start back up. also when i injected into my quad the other day all went fine. but now i have the hard itchy lump. i know this is normal but there is bruising around it. the entire bruise is about inch inch and a half in diamter and there are 3 darker lines going out from the middle. it honestly looks like a mercedes bens symbol. with the inject point dead in the middle. ill try and add a pic later when i get my camera up and running.

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    bro always\have all your gear before you start a cycle. then things like this wont happen.

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