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Thread: sustanon?

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    How is the sustanon compared to omnadren ?

    It stands in the drug profiles that you should take clomid aftre six weeks, why is that?

    When you stop using the sustanon will you loose weight or what? Or should i use something with it, combine?

    Are there any big side effects?

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    you got some studying to do bro, the new omna is exactly the same as sust, (same 4 testosterone esters), and you will need clomid after virtually any cycle, sustanon is testosterone, a highly androgenic /anabolic steroid which in turn will shut down your hpta pretty quickly, i dont remember all the studies but id say after a few weeks, not 6...doesn't matter anyways, you want to take sust at least 10 weeks if not more (if possible), what you combine with depends on your goals, past experience, stats, etc...but sust is usually combined with something for bulking, do some more reading up and best of luck to you

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    All these questions can be answered with a search!! Sust is the same as the new omna (they changed the formula a fair amount of time ago). Take clomid 2 -3 weeks after. Yes you will, water and some muscle (this will depend on your post cycle therapy and how your training keeps up) Yes stacking is better, IMO Deca /EQ. Yes there are sides it is a STERIOD !!!!!


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