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    help in my choice

    I hesitate between these cycles:

    1)-300mg trenbolone /w w1-8
    -200mg winstrol /w w3-8

    2)-500mg cypionate /w w1-12
    -400mg EQ/w w1-12
    -20mg de nolvadex /ed against the water retention

    3)-76mg trenbolone/eod w1-8
    -300mg propianate/w w1-8

    4)-750mg sustanon /w w1-10
    -200mg winstrol/w w6-12
    -20mg/ed nolvadex against the water retention

    My aim is to cut, gain muscle quality, and harden. Pls criticize and choose

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    I like choice 2 the best and if you could I would throw in the prop. Also no nolva and get some l-dex or a-dex even adding some fina in the mix is nice addition to #2 also the prop has to run ed so figure it out. if you chose to run some winny in that cycle make sure you run it 3 weeks past your last shot or cyp/eq

    Also get clomid!
    save nolva for after cycle
    get a-dex or l-dex for water retention or even some proviron

    good luck bro!!

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