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Thread: extending cycle

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    Cool extending cycle

    im thinking of extending my cycle of sus 250 from 10 weeks to 20 weeks im taking 500mg a week and im on week 8. i have had very good progress up to now but after searching and reading board im thinking of extending it to 20 weeks and adding 50mg winnie e/d for 6 weeks... i have my clomid for three weeks after my last shot but im a bit confussed about what to do if i do extend it... shall i give the clomid a miss and get some hcg just to keep my levels ok..... or shall i proceed with the clomid mid cycle or should leave it at 10 weks and take the clomid 3 weeks after my lat injection....... iwas thinking doing a SHOT OF WINNE e/o/d and and the days in betwenn inject the winnie into a capsule and swallow it.........

    your responce will be respected if you could help........

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    Is this your first cycle? If it is... stick with your original plan, see how your body responds and then get off and see how your body recovers. Just stay with the ten weeks, and then your post cycle treatment with clomid. Is this a test only cycle?

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    Bro I understand where you're coming from - at around 8 weeks you're seeing massive improvement and just wanna KEEP POUNDIN!!!

    I second no limit's comment - stick with your plan. No need to push it past what you originally set for yourself regardless of gains. Even once your off this 10week cycle you will still continue to develop, and during your off time you can plan your next cycle (be it 16 or 20 weeks).

    However, you could always throw some winny in now week 9-13, then start taking clomid the day after your last winny drink.

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    i think that two short cycles would be better than one long one, this is from personal experience. I took 500 mgs of sust for 15 weeks-gained 40lbs and lost 10lbs. now i will do 8 week cycles, gain 20 lbs and keep it all-it adds up at the end of the year plus your body needs a break-less sides etc...

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