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    syno conversion estradiol?

    is estradiol completely removed when doing a syno conversion... heard that it is never completely removed and the chances of gyno are high? How effective is the kit (for research) if the instructions are followed perfectly and the rinsing process is repeated extra times?... the ph strip didn't change colors at all? If chances are high would 20mg of nolva be enough or would 40mg be better?

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    this has been asked before, but the conversion is more complicated than fina and more dangerous. i wouldn't trust one piece of lytmus paper in case something did go wrong with the stripping of estradiol...however the yield from one of those kits is a ridiculous amount of test and cheap too since the kit is like 150...i would just spend some more cash and get a product you know will be safe and effective.

    i would go with 20 until you see signs of it and then bump it up to need to waste pills when you theoretically could have done it perfectly and not have to worry about progesterone.

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    Seems like a lot of trouble to save a few bucks in my opinion.

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    I've only heard of a few people getting gyno from synovex IMO it's pretty safe. I know people who've used syno with no problems at all.

    There are kits out there that make the conversion process easier than making fina. Also you if you have doubts about your final product you can always test the MP to be sure all the estrogen has been removed.

    Still be sure to have some nolva just incase problems occur.


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