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    making eca.... can i use these???

    in australia all weight loss products such as hydroxycut do not have ephedrine contained in them, i think its illegal or sumthin. so i was thinking of making my own eca stack. is pseudoephedrine which in the form of a cold and flu tablet ok to use in conjuction with a caffeine tablet and an asprin???


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    hey mate,

    i'm in aussie aswell, i did that exact same thing, sudafed (2 tabs i think), asprin (300mg) and caffine (100mg) that makes about 3 capsules, you can buy empty capsule shells from the pharmacy, but when i did this i felt like PURE SHIT, slept about 15 hours a day and just totally fucked me up, i think it was the paracetamol in the sudafed.

    hope it works better for you than for me.

    I just bought the aussie version of hydroxycut, overpriced, but it seemed to work pretty well.

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