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    Vasectomy after a cycle??

    I have searched the boards high and low for the answers to the questions tht really apply to me

    I am gonna do a 400 mg deca , 500 mg /week ethanated, 30 mg dbol cycle, i am 30 years of age..and i am considering a vasectomy after my cycle though i havent started it yet....Does anyone have a viable time frame, for this, and should it delay if i want to start another cycle about 10 weeks after this 10 week cycle, or will my test levels be fluctuating too much to be worth doing the cycle not for a while much after that??

    If u all have experience in this let me know...I know a vasectomy really pretty much only deals with sperm count and the release of sperm, but i am like a doctor paranoid of malpractice, i like to be well informed!!

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    Why don't you get the vasectomy first?Healing is only about a week.

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