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    gyno as a adolescent

    when i was younger, around the age 12 or 13, i remember these lumps i had behind my nipples. i also remember that out of all my friends i was the only one that had them. they weren't tender or irritable but the lump was there and it was about he size of an olive, maybe a bit smaller. i didnt want to say anything to my dad because he's one of those dads that would look down on you if he thought " fu*k! my little boys turning into a lil girl wit tits.", you know wut i mean? so i really coudlnt ask him about it. basically what i am trying to say is that they had no effect on how my day went. i have not had lumps since age 13.

    now my questions are...

    1... is that gyno?
    2... if yes, does that mean i am just that much more sensitive to estrogen?

    sorry if this post is confusing, but i hope you get the general idea.

    thanks for your help.

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    I think what you are describing could have been puberty related. I do remember a friend who had that. But i have no idea whether or not you are more pron to gyno

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    nah nah man, your fine!
    we used to call those tit tumors, its part of the ending stages of puberty, a ton of my friends got them, some kids didnt tho...


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    thanks guys, i really appreciate your help.

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