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    HCG question....and anti-e

    hey takin an aratest eq cycle for 10 weeks....its aratest250 and shootin a cc of each every 4 days the whole way thru....i started the cycle round 3-4 weeks ago and i dont feel much guessin i just need to be patient....i have 5,000 ui of HCG and all my clomid pills....i also have a bottle of 6 oxo(anti-e) which im gunna start takin soon for like 3 weeks until my stronger anti-e comes in which is should i take the HCG ...should i take some 2 weeks before the cycle is over and then 2 weeks after the cycle with the clomid...and how much hcg should i take and how often....let me know what u guys think ( to mix the powder and the liquid i just need to extract the liquid and put it in the powder bottle rite?)...i also been researchin and some people suggest takin an anti-e while takin clomid and hcg cus of the bloat possible...let me kno all u guys kno bout the anti-e and hcg situtation....i have 10,000 ui but iwas gunna split that with my boy...let me kno ...thanks

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    Well, for your cycle, hCG is a little overkill...

    But I'd run it 500iu every day for 10 days. Time it so that your last injection is a few days before you start clomid therapy.

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    bro, i dont think your gonna need hcg , your doses are low, save it for the bigger cycles....Madmax..

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