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    end of third far so good

    Coming to the end of third week on deca & test. So far i went from wieghing 151.5 >160.5 .BF still about the same. a little stonger i was expecting more , but i still have 7 more weeks ... but i can work out for hours with out being tired. I have incredible pumps during working out. No signs of gyno! No acne! No deca dick! So all is going well. I'm now just trying to reach 175lbs. 250 test & 200 deca can i get there? Lots of chicken,tuna,fish and protien drinks.

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    might be able to, maybe you react well to low doses.....good luck bro!

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    those dosages might have peaked now if this is your first cycle...i wouldn't expect to get up to 175 unless you are really conscious of your training and listen to your body at all times, and your genetics really like the juice you are putting in...i think with those dosages 25 pounds may be a stretch, but if you have seen good gains so far who knows? you may be lucky enough to get there by the end

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