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    sustanon eod or weekly

    at this forum everyone is saying you should do sustanon atleast eod or ed i have read many threads saying why it should be done that way because of the esters 1/2life i have read many articles on the drug
    in other web sites and they all say it has a longer 1/2 life and you should take it once every 7-10 days, where am i confused?

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    the way to reap the most benefits from sust is to shot it m/w/f.

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    ED or EOD is the consensus...with the short acting esters doing it any other way would be a waste and impossible to achieve good stable levels in the body...someone had a good graph on this a while ago...ill try to dig for it.

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    I agree with wimp. m/w/f will give good results. If you shoot sust every day then thats 1750mg a week!! thats way too much test

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    ed is a little much but you'll do fine with m/w/f like wimp said. I'm doing the Sus that way with 200mg Eq in each shot plus a d-bol kick.

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    I used to think you had to do it EOD to get max benefits from it until there were a bunch of posts on elite about how because of the esters in sust it can be shot 2 times or even 1 time per week.

    It's used for HRT where it's only shot once every 2 weeks i think.

    Even doing sust only once per week keeps blood levels about as stable as a single ester.

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    Don't take my word for it, but from what I've read on sust, it stays in your body for weeks. For instance, I read that you should wait three weeks after your last shot to start Clomid. That would tell me that it doesn't have a very short half-life. Again, this I'm not positive about, and I would also like to hear any feedback from anyone who knows for sure!

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    4 parts

    there are 4 seperate parts in sust. moving from very short acting to long acting test. So yes, if you do it more often the short acting ester will kick in more. And yes, you should wait 3 weeks because that's about how long the longest acting part lasts. Confused ?? Don't be. If you've never used before, you can gain some modest amounts (nothing huge) with 1 shot a week, maybe the first couple of weeks 2 shots, then back down to 1. If you have used then I'd say 2 shots per week. Works fine for me, add some other compound for better overall effect. Fina for summer, Deca for winter.

    take 2cc and call me in the morning

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    Check out the Messo site. They have an interesting article on cycling sus. on their main page.

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    I have done 2 Sus cycle, using 500 mgs per week. Yes, EOD is the best way, and the only way to take full advantage of the Prop, but you should see some good gains from 500 mgs per week, shot twice a week , 250 mgs shot one..250 mgs shot 2.

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    Well this is a very complicated question and I have heard mixed emotions on it. Personally I have done sustanon a few times, and got great results from doing it every 4 days. However, knowing what I know and all the threads and educational forums I have read, heres the problem.
    First off you have 2 short esters and 2 long esters. IMO I think one should shoot sustanon for EOD for the first 3-4 weeks then go to every 4-5 days. My logic and education is that by the 3rd week the long esters have started kicking in. Therefore, your blood levels have stabalized somewhat. Sustanon technically stays in your system for 3 weeks. I personally think it stays in your system longer, but that is just my opinion.

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    eod......if u wanna get full use out of the juice or u will be watin 50mg of prop.

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