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    Second cycle - much the same as the first?

    For my second bulking cycle starting in June I am thinking of running a very similar cycle to the one I'm just finishing. But I want your opinions before I start buying my gear.

    I'm 6'2" (188cm), 220lbs (100kg). Just finishing my first 'real' cycle which consisted of . . .

    01-05 30mg dbol ed
    05-10 500mg sust
    01-10 400mg deca
    10-13 50mg winny eod (as a bridge)

    Now then, I'm thinking of running the same cycle except I will ditch the dbol and run sust from week 1 through to 10 (I do not want to bloat or build mass too quickly).

    I will also run winny from week 8 through to week 13. I'm wondering if I should run some other compound with the winny.

    I'm sure some of you guys will tell me to increase the dosages - for obvious reasons, but I've kept them low as I don't want to build too quickly and I also don't have a lot of spare cash. I would be very happy if I managed to pack on 6-12lbs muscle during this second cycle.

    I will also have all the necessary ancillaries (clomid, nolva, etc.).


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    yeah, ditching the d's sounds good...

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    ditch the d's agreed. What about sust at 750mg each week. That way you get it every mon,wed,friday and keep the prop ester more constant in your body. I think this helps to keep test levels more constant.

    Also if you want things to add weight slower with less bloat, may I suggest this.
    (my 1st cycle was deca 300mg wk1-5, 450mg wk6-11. T-400 wk2-11, clomid).

    This is my current cycle (2nd as well).

    wk1-13 eq 400mg - 800mg 1st wk.
    wk1-10/12 Cyp 500mg (not sure)
    wk10/12-18 prop 50mg/ed (based on above)
    wk9-18 tren 75mg/ed
    wk13-18 winny 50mg/ed
    clomid 3 days after last tren/prop.

    I know this is alot of gear - but you can make the fina - CHEAP. You already are going to get winny. Prop is cheap. Eq is about the same or less then deca. Cyp is less then sust. I mean I think it would be about the same price, you would get a slower more constant gain then the big rush of bloat/fat/muscle. I see you are in the UK - I don't know how things are to get there or your prices - I am just going on mex prices. You might want to replace the cyp with enth as that seems to be there europe way to go. I just think you might want to give the deca a rest for 4-6 months. Also this seems to be a pretty safe cycle and will increase your knowledge 1st hand from 4 compounds to 8! And from your stats you are the same weight/height as me. I am making gains - bench up about 30lbs with a few extra reps - more stamina in workouts. I am in the 5th week. My body weight is up about 11lbs, I was up almost 20 at the same point on deca/t-400. I also got some ldex this time and bloat is very minimal. The only addition to what I stated above is I plan to run clen 2 or 3 times eca in between and cyt(n)omel for 40 days (5%/40%/55%).
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    Thanks guys. Don't think I can get a hold of Tren (Fina) too easily so I guess that's out of the question. I might raise the sust as you suggested but I can get hold of Test C and P and I am curious to try them. But I can't afford to poke myself with 100mg of Test P each day and I'm concerned about the water retention associated with Test C.

    I like the idea of upping the Sust to eod injections though. That's not a bad idea.

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