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    clearwater fla

    2nd cycle need opinions plz

    i have done 1 10mg of test cyp with gains and quick losses, now i am looking to do a real cycle. my goal is to gain size and keep as much as possible
    stats 6'2 208 some what thin
    i do not want to over load since i am not used to gear

    1-4 25 mg dbol
    1-10 400 deca
    1-10 400 some kind of test depends on what i can get
    5-6 5000 hcg every 5 days
    11-12 5000 hcg every 5 days
    13 150 clomid
    14 100 clomid
    15 50 clomid

    i have read that hcg in the middle is good and at the end helps keep gains, of course there is no way to keep all but i would like to keep atleast 50-75%

    would i be better off doing the deca and test at 300 and going 3 extra weeks giving my body more time to get use to the gains ???

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    Your cycles pretty short...You dont need the hcg . Other than that some might say that your test should be higher than the deca but other than that it looks pretty good. Look to use test E or cyp.
    Good luck

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    Some stats would help us help you

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    Feb 2003
    clearwater fla
    stats 37yrs old worked out on and off, but seriously 1.4 years
    eat 205-270 protein p/d
    arms 15
    chest 47
    waist 34

    thx for any advise

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