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Thread: Sust Cycle

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    Sust Cycle

    Im pretty sensitive ot gyno and I have alittle bit of bitch tits started but not to noticable, it scares me alittle though b/c I don't want boobs, I just wanted to know if Sustanon would be bad to take if your senstive to gyno and what are good anti-e's to take with it?

    thanks, Fart

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    Well, most AAS will 'give' you gyno. It all depends on how prone you are to it. As you seem to be prone to it I would look into NOLVADEX - also known as TAMOXIFEN .

    good luck bro!

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    i would say if you are concerned about your "tits" take 20mg of nolvadex a day thru-out your whole cycle. that should help. Remember you know it's getting bad when your nipples start to itch, lactate, get sensitive, feel little lumps in back of the nipple area. You can always take nolvadex now at 20mg a day or 40mg a day for 10 days and then 20mg a day for 8 days to see if what you have now goes away. If you have the "tits" from you past cycle what cycle did you do? What it a test, or a progestrerone cycle like Deca or fina? If it was deca or fina Vitex would be a good choice to try now(OTC-Over the Counter), if that doesn't work there is always Bromo(Bromocriptene<--or something like that) It's your choice. also if you are doing sus remeber that it's a good idea to take it M-W-T to take full advantage of the short acting esters. in other words devide the shots into 3 shots a week to equal the amount your takeing a week rather it be 500mg, 250mg, 750mg, or (i would not advise this if your worried about your "tits")1000mg a week. Hope this helped. Good Luck = )

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