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    First Cycle Debate

    ight bros.... i am planning out my first cycle and have a little debate going. i know i wanna run enanthante, prob 500mg/week. the question is this. I will talk to some guys who say, since its my first cycle, i should take advantage of my "virgin receptors" and add dbol . then i talk to others who say, since it is my first, i should take it easy and just take the test. i know there is not a right or wrong answer and that both will yield results, assuming everything else is in line (training, diet, rest, etc.), but i wanna know what u all think. oh, and just to save some possible flame, i got the whole nolva and clomid thing down. thanks guys.

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    Your 19 years old why don't you hold on to your virgin receptors for a couple of more years.

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    That theory is a myth... you get your best gains on your first cycle because you are the furthest away from your genetic limit. Stick to a test only cycle for a first cycle and you will not regret it...

    But you're too young, obviously.

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