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    help on putting my cycle together...

    hello as of right now i have 25 amp of russian sus along with a one bottle of qv decca 300 ml...and some 200 ml and 300 d-bol pills and im planning on doing a 10 week cycle...i havent juiced up in about a year but have and i also have not been working out as muchh because of school and work...and my height is 5.6 1/2 155 lbs..

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    You should get yourself back in shape before you start taking something.
    If your bf is high you should try to drop it because doing a bulk cycle like the one your thinking about doing is going to increase your bf.
    When u do start again I'd go with:
    Week 1-10 Sus 500mgs (750mg frontload first 2 weeks)
    Week 1-10 Deca 300mgs
    Week 1-4 D-bol 35mgs ed
    If you want you can throw the prop in at the end week 10-13 100mgs eod.
    Straight into clomid.
    Nolvedex on hand etc...

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    yep what MBaraso said

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    my friend told me it was best to add the 200 ml of prop a week to the sus for extra that i can try and keep as much as possible..

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