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    my cycle what do u think

    week 1-4 anadrol 50mg ed
    week 2-10 sust 250mg ew (500 if other shots come in)
    week 2-10 deca 400 mg ew

    What do you guys think about this cycle ...i have anti es on hand also

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    You don't need to know
    Don't start until you get all your gear in hand ! Go with atleast 500mg should really go with 750mg of Sus. ew , 250mg each Mon/Wed/Fri

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    have you run dbol before bro? i wouldn't think so if you are only planning a fairly moderate dosage of both sust and deca here...

    if you have ran the dbol before and not liked the results by all means try new things, however i don't think that the anadrol is completely necessary in this case.

    250 mg of sust is too low here bro, especially since you are going to be running more deca than test. wait until your new gear comes in and do it right.

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