Your probably wondering why I am posting this title in the gear section, I would like to take a pole, how many of you see Mary Jane from time to time? I have heard all kinds of conflicting reports about marijauna use and the drop in testoserone levels or the aromitization of Test to Estro when smoked. There has been a few scientific studies done, none have ever proved that it does lower Testerone levels, a study was done in Jamacia, (surprise, surprise), the amount of five joints per day were smoked by men in their early 20's, this was a normal practice for them even in their teen years, none of the men showed any signs of a drop in serum and blood levels of testosterone . It has been proven that five marijuana joints contain the same amount of cancer causing tar as a pack of cigerettes, and does lower your sperm count,( mabye good). I puff a little refer from time to time, I think it is better for you than alchohol, achohol has been proven to increase estrogen levels in men, also causing a spiked insulin release, not to mention the amount of calories, especially in beer. I have never noticed any strength loss, or felt hungover the next day from taking a few puffs of the magic leprocaun, further more, I don't do it to often, I believe anything in excess is not good. How many of you boys have a little herb from time to time, is there any other negative effects on the endocrine system I have not mentioned yet? Please post your input and tell me what you think, Thanks-out. Anyone ever smoked herb before training, I found on days when I am doing lighter training, it helps me to focus directly on the muscle group being worked, kind of a better mind over muscle senerio. sorry for the novel, let me know what you think.