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    New stuff in Mexico, cycle advice por favor...

    Went to Mexico last week, p/u the following:

    10 cc of MB Depot (Decanoato de Nandrolona) <Tornel>
    10 cc of Super Test 250 <Tornel>
    40 cc of Testosterone 200 Depot <Tornel>
    42 tabs of nolvadex 20 mg/ea

    Plan to run it like this:

    MB Depot --- 400 mg/wk for wks 1-5
    Super Test 250 --- 500 mg/wk for wks 1-5
    Testosterone 200 Depot --- 600 mg/wk for wks 1-6
    Nolvadex --- 20 mg/day wks 1-5

    *don't have Clomid yet (went to dozen pharm's in Mex, none had it) plan to go back next week to try to get some

    I plan to take 2 shots/wk. 1st on Mon, 2nd on Thurs.

    Stats: I'm 32 @ 5'9" and 195 probably 20% BF. Worked out over 12 yrs. Want to gain about 10 - 15 lbs muscle and lose 5 - 10 lbs fat. Never juiced b-4, done the creatine, andro thing so I'm a newbie.

    Need advice... how's this cycle looking???(and yes, if you do the math I bought almost double the testoserone 200 depot I need!)

    Want to start this week!!! Should I take Milk Thistle every day? I'm worried about my liver, I've drank alot on the weekends for alot of years and taken acetomeniphen to kill hangovers and that's tough on the liver.

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    Thats true a lot of the pharmices don't carry "clomid" they carry something called "Omifin" it's the same thing just under a different name. I ran into this same problem a few times. OMIFIN

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    You're not running any 17aas so your liver wont be stressed, but milk thistle everyday wouldn't hurt if you have it.

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    I would run the DECA and Test for aleast 10 weeks.

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    You do not need 1.1g/wk of test a week on your first cycle. 500mg/wk test and 400mg/wk deca coupled w/some liquidex will be fine for a first cycle. Run it for 10 weeks, not 6.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. This forum kicks!

    It definately looks like I need to run this cycle 10 weeks rather than 6. Based on what I've bought, how would you suggest I break down the cycle to fit the 10 wks (mg/wk or whatever)???

    I'm going back to Mex for the Omifin and try to get some Liquidex. Is there anything else I might need to make this cycle work best?

    Also, I want to start this cycle this week, and would like to start cutting by early May. Is this possible? If so, what, how much and when should I work it in?

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