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Thread: Eq???

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    Question Eq???

    me and a buddy of mine have 9 bottles of QV EQ200 broken down we each get 4.5 bottles should we run 400 or 500 mgs per week or should we be doing once every 3 or 4 days?? or should we pyramid?? havin trouble with the break down please reply with any help??

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    the more often the better imo, but with a long acting ester like undecylenate, i doubt its necessary to inject more than once a week...and id run 500, but thats because ive done plenty of cycles and i know 400mg/week isn't enough for 'me' your answer lies in your cycle experience and personal opinion...

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    EQ should be ran at a min. of 400mg/wk for 10wks. Shoot it twice a week i.e. Sun/Wed or Mon/Thur. at 200mg/shot. No need to pyramid especially if your a newbie. Definately run something along with the EQ like Test or winny or both. Test at 500mg/wk mixed in the same syringe and winny towards the end.

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    im using 400 mgs per week mon and thrus injections and i love the results. i also used qv 200 its god stuff. im on week 6 and love the gains im gunna go for about 12 weeks cus im running an eca to help deal with the hunger and it says to stop after 12 weeks and start up again after 2 so. good luck, umm by the way how much per bottle? just wondering

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    I run EQ at around 500mg wk for 12 wks, with TEST and winny.
    it's a slow ester so one shot a week will work, but what I do is 1cc of EQ mixed with 1cc of TEST every 3 days.

    one thing to watch our for about EQ, esp if you're heavy, is it'll make ya eat the friggin house!

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