Hey guys, I've been reading and reading trying to figure this out, but I'm stumped.

I'm currently just starting my first cycle

Russian sustanon250

wk 1 - 250ml (Yesterday)
wk 2 - 250ml
wk 3 to 7 - 500ml
wk 8 - 250ml
wk 9 - 250ml

I'll wait 3 weeks then use Clomid

Nova on hand

Now, here's my question;

My friend gave me 2 5ml vials of pharmaceutical grade Delatestryl Enanthate 200mg/ml (I looked this up and apparently it is very high grade test)

And 1 10ml vial of Depo-testosterone Androgen.

Can I somehow use either of these during my current cycle or should i just hold on to them and get more for a different cycle? I realize I don't have very much, but I was thinking maybe it would kickstart the sust or I could use the Enan during the peak of the sust cycle?