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    Mixing Clenbuterol in Cycle!?!?!

    After much research I'm starting my first cycle this week. Will be going with 600 mg/wk of Enanthate (test 200 by tornel) and 400 mg/wk of Deca (200MB depot by tornel). Have Nolvadex and will finish w/ Omifin. Plan to run it 10 to 12 wks.

    I'd like to gain 15-20 lbs of muscle and lose about 8-10 lbs of BF. I'm 32, 5'10 and 195. Lifted for 12 years. I do weights 1 to 2 hours day 4 days week and do 20 min of cardio. Diet is so-so, still throw beers on weekends. I have some Clen (Spiropent) and can mix that in. Can get more of that or whatever else in Mexico.

    Any suggestions on if I should mix in the Clen to help cut or add anything else to cut. In a 10 week Deca/Test cycle when and how should I mix it?

    Any suggestions....???

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    You will have better luck trying to gain mass then cut latter... Trying to do both is very hard even on AS. I would run the first part of your cycle as a bulker and then then last part make a cutter, maybe add some fina or winny and extend the test a little longer. Then throw in the clen or save it for post cycle to help shead a little fat while you are off and use it's anti-cat properties.


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