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    Do you still get descent gains with low dos- T200

    For anyone that has experieced with T 2, will you get descent gains with low dosages such as 1cc or even 1/2 cc per week. I know that its in your system for about ten days but most of my friends are taken shots 2-3 times a week, am I wasting my time or will that low of a dosage work????

    Thanks NEEDLE

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    Yah, that's what my doc's got me on. 200 mg Test cyp per week. Keep in mind I'm 47, but geez, when yer natural levels are way low, 200 mg gives the system a nice boost. Probably not enough to ever get "monster big" but nice enough . . . after about a year of this therapy and working my ass off in the gym, I can say that I look better now than I did when I was 25 and working my ass off. Noticible, but maybe not enough to write home about. If you try it, keep in mind you'll still need to do the standard Clomid therapy at the end of the test therapy, else you'll probalby lose your gains.
    Am thinking about doing a bit more in the future, though . . . still learning about this stuff.

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    I would recommend 400mg a week if you want to experience decent gains.

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    my friend just did a cycle of T200 and deca , and ran the cyp like this-
    week 1-200mg
    week 2-300mg
    week 3-300mg
    week 4-400mg
    week 5-300mg
    week 6-300mg
    week 7-200mg

    Im not sure what he ran the Deca at, but he put on 20lbs and kept almost all of it. And his diet was not all that great.

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