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    spoke to soon!!! oh no gyno

    Now that in the middle of 4th week... I'm noticing that my nipples are getting a liittle larger and if I give them a slight sqeeze they fell tender. So being this early in my cycle should I run out and get some Nolvadex or should i wait it out? If I choose to wait it out until my cycle is complete what would the effects be? One more question I can get a good deal on some d-bol... But i know this should be ran at the begiining of a cycle.So can I still fit it in? Or leave it alone since i'am elready showing sighns o f gyno? Oh yeah my current gain is 12lbs on 250 test & 250 deca .... gains seem to be slowing down some! Ithink I might be eating to clean! Tanks for the help!!!

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    defitnitly use nolva.

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    always start your cycle with all of your gear bro
    be safe! and get the nolva like wimp said

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    Get the nolva incase your case worsens, and get the dbol but save it for beginning of next cycle or use it as a bridge if you're into that.

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