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    First cycle help (cutting)

    Let me first say whats up. This is an awesome board and i have learned some much from it. I have been around for about the last year and a half just reading and researching. This is my first time to post because im am planning on starting my first cycle and had a few questions. I just turned 22 right now i am 240 at 5'10 with about 13% bf. I am making my first cycle a cutting cycle. I never have much problem cutting up i get lean and have great abs but i never seem to get that really hard and vascular look i want. My diet and cardio will be in check as i know that is the most imporant thing. I was planning on running test prop and EQ for 10 wks along with winny wks 7-12 and starting clomid week 13. problem is i just found out i cant get my hands on any prop. So right now i have EQ 400 mgs/wk weeks 1-10 and winny 50mgs'day weeks 7-12 waiting to be started. Now that i cant get prop i was wondering what else would be good to throw in the mix i considered fina for the first 6 weeks but read that its not good for a newbie. I can get some primo but not sure if its worth the price. Any opions would help out a lot. thanks in advance.

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    Test should be ran in almost every cycle...Maybe you can find some test e and some l-dex to keep the water down. If your thinking about the primo make sure its not fake, a lot of those going around. Goodluck..

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