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    i still have some tamoxifin from dec/01

    is it still good to use?? i got it prescription from my doctor. i have 32 tabs left. 20 mg tabs. is it okay after 2 years ? lol it was from december well not last december the december b4 that hmm?????? helllllp i dont want to waste extra cash on more nolvedex.

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    Does it have an exp date, I think it probably is still good, they stay good for a long time. If anything it will have just lost a little of its potency.


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    hey bro, if you have no clue what the expiration date was, then id spend the extra $50 - 75 dollars and buy some new shit.....if there is even a small possibility that the nolva isnt going to be, i would not use it, it is better to be safe than sorry....and bitch tits will make you very very sorry....Madmax..

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