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    Question OK Need some major help 4 a newbie!!!!!

    OK I have read but i really need alot more help here. I have a post but my cycle got blown out of the water so im just gonna ask you guys for your best opinion. Im 26yrs old and this will be my first cycle. 5'9" about 170-175lbs. have more body fat then i really want and thats the main reason i want to use the juice, to reduce my body fat and maintain my weight or would even like to gain some just as long as i have that ripped look. Ive been working out for about 5 yrs. now and am very dedicated but im just alittle lost on what cycle to do. I do eat about 6xs a day and can eat more if i have to but once again im lost thats why im here. I just want the perfect cycle for a newbie with minimal side effects and maximum gains just as long as i can get cut for summer. I have about 3 months left so common bros give me a hand. Also if its not asking too much throw in a little advice on the perfect diet to go alog with the perfect cycle.
    PS i can submit a pic if needed but i have to warn you it wont be pretty

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    test/eq/winny/liquidex with a clean diet and lots of cardio should help you lose bf% while maintaining your existing muscle mass.

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    Most steroids WILL NOT decrease bf bro. Fina being one that does, but its not recommended for novices, and possibly anavar . Remember that muscles operate at a higher metabolic rate. Meaning that the more muscle you build; the more calories you will burn at rest all day. The best way to burn unwanted fat is cardio. Cardio first thing in the A.M. on an empty stomach is by far the most effective for max. fat loss. Remember that you got to eat clean too and you may consider throwing in an ECA stack. Good luck.

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