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    how many sets for complete workout

    most people work out a single body part once every 5 or 6 days,
    but i am interest on how many set u do for each body part during a workout. i was told u shouldnt do more than like 12 per body part
    i am looking for a tough workout, but dont want to overdo it

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    It all depends on your workout and style. On some days when i am working really heavy, i will do less sets. When it's cutting time, you increase the sets and the reps. The intensity stays the same no matter what. When i go heavy, i usually do around 12 sets total per bodypart, with as many as 24 when it's cutting time. This is the routine that has worked for me. I'm sure others have their own opinions and preferences.

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    I do 3-6 sets to failure per body part... that's it. I've tried up to 20 and have had my best results using a very minimal number of sets at a very high intensity.

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    I have always found that a pyramid system is the best since it warms you up and the last set is heavy enough to do only 4 or 5 reps setting you up to lift heavier.ON a cycle -3 exercises 12 sets to build.To cut 4 exercises 16 sets .It has worked for me.I always go as heavy as possible even when doing higher reps.

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    12-16 Back
    9-12 chest, quads and hamstrings
    6-9 arms and shoulders


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