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    fina & side effects?

    i have never tried fina before, and was thinking of adding it into my cycle this year consisting of eq, winny, and fina. my question is are there any negative side effects that any one has developed. my biggest concern is acne, because some one i know who claims they did it complained of bad acne, and hes the only one i know who's even said they did it. the way i look at it is, i'm running gear to look better, not to get bigger and make myself look worse.
    the acne would be my biggest fear. i will be taking cranberry, and milk thistle, for the liver, also heard about vit. b5, but not sure of the right dosage in order to be effective. i've never had to worry about this before, because my past two cycles were only winny & primo and winny & deca , so never had a problem with acne.
    i'm mainly looking to cut, i am in pretty good shape all year, but like to cycle only for the summer. i'm 24 yrs old, 6'3 200 lbs. with 9-10% bf. looking to put on a few solid pounds of muscle and get to around 6-7% bf if possible.
    thanks for any info you can give

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    if u are going to add anything to that cycle i would suggest some test...preferably a longer ester like enth, or prop prop depending on how you want to go about it...

    my fina sides were night sweats, some anxiety, and a great attitude in the gym at all times i didn't experience any acne

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    Everyones different bro. Some people get ever side possible from everything they take, and I am sure there are some people here who don't even know what a side is! But fina is a very strong steroid , and harsher on the body than most. But like I said, it all depends on you.

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    Everyone is different but nearly everyone I have talked to has had problems with acne while on fina myself included. Just have some retin-a or accutane ready for post cycle. Most of the acne will occur then.

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    thanks guys, still debating. this looks like it will be a last minute decision.
    also, i have two bottles of qv eq, 35 winny zambons, and 20 primos. does it make sense running eq and primo together? i hear they are basically the same and it would be a waste to run them at the same time. i've already done primo, so should i keep those for the future, or throw them in the mix? (never used eq, looking forward to trying it)
    if i decide to go ahead and do the fina, what dosage should i go for? i think 75 mg eod should be good. and when to run it what week?
    i was planning on:
    eq 400 mg a week 1-10
    primo 200 mg a week 1-10?
    winny 50 mg ed 6-10
    when should i add the fina?

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